Catherine Ensley is an author of inspirational romance.


I live in the Palouse region of SE Washington with my family. My husband’s great-grandfather homesteaded here in 1873 and the family’s farmed ever since. See Views from the Palouse River Ranch for a few pictures of the most scenic ranch we farm. 

 A Seattle transplant, I grew up reading and re-reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I fell in love with the Palouse even as I fell in love with my husband. We’ve lived in our own Little House on the Coulees for 39 years. 

“Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver was the theme song of our courtship, that rollicking springtime when we fell in love.


me and the kidsPassionate about the history of the Palouse,

I write inspirational historical romance set in the area. My stories feature rugged people who learn to trust God and each other, and realize that faith and love can free the heartsick soul and heal all wounds.

The picture at left is of me with two of our kids in the back of an old, 1949 Chevy pickup. The kids are sitting on sacks of potatoes we’d just dug up from the garden.

old typewriterLike most writers,

I’m a lifelong reader. Having worked for many years as a children’s librarian, I’ve read and enjoyed countless children’s books. I even wrote a couple manuscripts for the Young Adult market.

But inspirational romance is the genre I love most. There’s nothing better than an old-fashioned love story that I can give to my granddaughter to read, no qualms. A subtle inspirational message puts icing on the cake.



husbandWhen I’m not writing,

my husband and I like to fly places in the airplane he built, a Vans RV7. It took him six years to build it! You can read about our flying adventures.

I also enjoy scrapbooking.  Having raised three kids, and now with five grandchildren, I made one of our vacated kid’s bedrooms into a scrapbooking room. If you check the link, you’ll see I’m a SERIOUS scrapbooker! 

 An avid reader of inspirational romance, I’ve posted some of my book reviews, with plenty more to come. 


I am also well-versed in the Enneagram personality typing system,

which I use to help create believable characters. I’ve studied it for 20 years and have read almost every book published on the subject, as well listened to many talks given at the annual International Enneagram Association conference. Writers and other interested persons are encouraged to check out my Enneagram Subtypes page and my Enneagram Subtype Compatibiliy page, where I’ve listed over 50 posts that I’ve written on the subject. 

I hope you’ll find much on my website to entertain and inform you, and that you’ll become a regular reader of my blog.

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I am very happy to meet you!